he small class size and flexible curriculum at Bright Ideas allow each child to develop to his or her maximum potential through individualized attention. We place children in classrooms according to their age, ensuring that each classroom curriculum is age-appropriate and effective.

Each age group has specific exit skills that we expect children to meet before entering the next classroom. These are minimal expectations for growth in self-help, social skills, gross and fine motor skills, language arts and math. Your child’s teacher will use this profile at parent conferences to share information regarding your child’s growth in each area of development. Bright Ideas meets the Early Learning Standards recommended by the Rhode Island Department of Education.


Infants  – Make us Smile

Ages 6 weeks to 1 year

Warm positive relationships with adults builds trust, security and language skills. Our infant room encourages the child to grow in a warm nurturing atmosphere.  Surrounded by books, music, soft toys and so much more, your little one will spend a safe, sweet day enveloped in the loving arms of our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Toddlers – Lovable and Sweet

Ages 1 to 2 years

Our one and two year old youngsters’ enjoy a lively, merry atmosphere filed with many new experiences and friends.  They may dance, play with puppets, paint, sing and learn new stories.  Music and movement are a regular part of the daily curriculum.  Rich sensory activities and art projects will give your child opportunities for exploration and new learning.

Preschool – Independent, Silly and Curious

Ages 3 to 4 years

Most three year olds are full of wonder and curiosity.  They are interested in large motor activities, making each other laugh and are beginning to share.  They bring curiosity to our classroom which provides the optimal setting to expand their language development, emergent writing skills and early literacy skills.  Our stem curriculum fosters a curiosity for the wonders of math and science.

Pre-Kindergarten – Exuberant, Funny and Fun

Ages 4 to 5 years

Four year olds are exuberant.  A good teacher needs to be enthusiastic and creative in order to keep up with these active youngsters.  While these children love to be on the move, we find that at this age they also love to learn.  In preparation for kindergarten, our program combines the Early Learning Standards with the development of additional skill building in the areas of math, science, language arts, art and music.  We believe that building confidence and an enthusiasm for learning is the best start to a successful education. Our pre-kindergarten children learn to rhyme, blend consonants, and recognize sight words.  Our math program builds the development of spatial relationships, concepts of quantity and more.  Science is a particular favorite.  Illusions, combustion and balance are a few of the concepts that appeals to their inquisitive personalities.

Pretend play at this age is complex and imaginative.  You may see rocket ships, ice skating ponds or pizza parlors in our room where the children share roles and friendships.